Hire International Teachers For all subjects (Pre- K to Pre-Med)

Need for Hiring International Teachers

There are endless benefits for students when you hire international teachers. Apart from benefiting
from their cosmopolitan outlook and exposure, international teachers are highly experienced,
interactive, reliable, and qualified. You can avail of their services at a very affordable cost. These are the
main benefits of hiring international teachers.

Benefits of our curriculum

Test Prep Pundits have envisioned and carefully designed our curriculum to suit the requirements of
each student. We follow a practical approach that aims at bringing a holistic development of a student’s
personality. Our expert subject matter experts have developed this teaching program with so much
perfection and attention to detail to enhance the skills and knowledge of students.

Qualified faculty at an affordable cost

 We are proud of our excellent faculty who made their mark with their knowledge and expertise in
diverse disciplines. They are native English speakers and well-trained in the US Curriculum. The main
advantage of enrolling in our program is that our tutors are available at a very affordable rate. And we
are now in the process of expanding the number of our teachers to serve the students better and more

Why should you choose us?
Once you enroll in our program, you will be allotted a dedicated case manager. He/she will ensure that
the student receives all support to overcome the obstacles in their academic journey and become
successful. The student will be provided with an authentic curriculum for his subject. We will monitor
the students’ progress and give timely feedback on their performance.

Subjects we offer:
We are offering all subjects from Pre-K to Pre-Med. Please go through the list of all the subjects on our
website. Please select the subjects according to your requirement and taste from the list on our site.

Explore all subjects we offer to students:
1. Ap Calculus
2. Ap Physics
3. AP Chemistry
4. AP Biology
5. College Algebra
6. Pre Calculus
7. Algebra 2

8. Algebra 1
9. Geometry
10. Advance Chemistry
11. Advance Physics
12. Ap Stats
All subjects – Pre k to Pre med

How to hire international teachers
We are committed to ensuring the on boarding of the best faculty, who have graduated from the best
institutes in India. They are experts in their respective subjects and have international teaching
standards to teach the digital curriculum.

Contact us to hire international teacher

Do you want to join our Teaching Faculty?
If you possess the necessary qualifications and teaching skills to become an international teacher, then
we have some exciting opportunities for you. We are expanding our pool of excellent international
teachers and would like to invite talented and well-experienced faculty to join our program. You may
contact us via our website, and we would be happy to onboard you.

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