Prestigious ACT Prep Weekend Course


$720 (Price includes 1 yr. digital license +15 full length tests+548 pages Printed workbook+ reg fee-$199 value)  $10/Hr


You will get 66 hours of live teaching with a prep pundit on ACT.
We cover every single topic in both Math and English with various time saving strategies.
We record all the session for your future review and to cover missed sessions.
Pundits merely teaches those test taking strategies which enables you to score high in less time of preparation.
Pundits are extensively trained with strategies and time saving methods. All pundits are on the same page in terms of teaching techniques and strategies.

<strong>Frequently Asked Questions:</strong>

<strong>How do we join your online class?</strong>
We conduct online classes through zoom. Students will be able to attend from any computer with an internet connection and speakers. Students can also log in via tablet or smartphone.

<strong>Can students interact with tutor?</strong>
There is a lot of interaction between students and tutors. Most of the class is led by probing questions from the tutor and response from the students. Also, students watch flip class video the most unique concept of pundits. Which really help students to cope with ACT type questions during the class. There is a teacher aid in large groups, also answer the student’s questions.

<strong>What the program will cover?</strong>
The course will cover all strategies for the Reading, Writing &amp; Language, and Math sections of the ACT.


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