Our program details about writing CommonApp Essays

Our individual program aims at helping the students to draft a well-written personal statement reflecting their experiences on their academic journey, accomplishments, early struggles, etc. for the Common Application.

Structure of our program

Our one-on-one program aims at giving special attention to each student. This program consists of seven 45-minute-long individual sessions with each student. At the end of our program, we empower each student to come up with topics himself/herself and complete a well-written draft.  

Individual Session #1: Getting Started on Your Essay

This is our first session with student. In this session, we will give an introduction of ourselves and what colleges the student is interested in applying to. It covers the fundamentals of the writing process and how to efficiently start theprocess.From this session, student get the benefit of receiving feedback from the class about their potential topics to get started with writing.

Individual Session #2: Structure, Outlining, and Prioritization

The second session focuses on building an outline for your essay and a general structure. We also teach what parts of an outline should be prioritized and how to accurately reflect the importance of specific parts like main messages and hooks in your outline.

Individual Session #3: First Draft

This session focuses on the function of the first draft and enablesstudents to do a revision of the first draft. They get hands-on training on prioritizing broader revisions for editing ideas and emphasizing key parts.

Individual Session #4: First Draft & Revision

This session instills confidence to come up with a first draft of the finished essay according to theoutline discussed in the first individual session. The tutors will focus on a broader revision of the student’s presentation ofthe topic and perform reverse outlining to see flaws in the draft’s structure.

Individual Session #5: Second Draft

In this session, we’ll continue to revise based on the ideas from our Individual Session #2, but focus more on how to tell if your essay achieves true conciseness. Students will learn the qualities of good hooks, conclusions, and “meaningful” lines, and effectively apply these positive qualities to their ownwriting. Also, a more in-depth review of example essays will begin to show the importanceof every single line in an essay.

Individual Session #6: Second Draft & Revision

Students bring a second draft in this session that improves on the first draft using therevisions given during Session #2. We will focus primarily on specific lines and concepts to correct to allow for a more cohesive, concise essay. Our aim is to train every student to learn the art of writing in a simple and direct way.

Individual Session #7: Final Draft & Submission

In this individual session, students will get a final draft that applies the line-by-line feedback from Session #3. Our aim is to ensure that, they come up with an essay and are ready to submit the same on time.

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